About Shabana Jacobson

Contemporary Jeweller Shabana Jacobson has been making beautiful one-off pieces of jewellery for the last 14 years.

Having done a year of study at NMIT (diploma of engineering technology-specialising in jewellery) in 2011 to gain some valuable skills, she is mostly a self-taught jeweller. Her fine arts background is evident in all of her work and the combination of materials and various styles is a unique style of jewellery found in Shabana Jacobson's work. 

Shabana’s work is currently stocked in over 300 boutique shops and galleries Australia and NZ wide including The National Gallery of Australia - ACT, The National Gallery of NSW, The National Portrait Gallery, Studio Melt, and specialist contemporary jewellery galleries.

Along with her own jewellery label ‘Shabana Jacobson Jewellery’, Shabana is also a tutor and mentor for aspiring artists and jewellers at her space running one off workshops and mentoring lessons for jewellers wanting to break into the industry successfully.

All production pieces are lovingly handmade in Melbourne by Shabana and her small team. Inspiration is drawn from the beauty and ugliness of the world around us, her many worldly travels, the smaller finer details, textures, forms and colours of our natural and manmade world and the sheer complexity of it.

Various new ranges are launched at 2 major trade shows yearly, and through various events such as ‘The Big Design Market’, Bowerbird Bazaar, Finders keepers market and markit@fed square.